custom made mascot


Request your quotation for the realization of the mascot that suits you

Tailor- mascots are especially popular to promote and develop an entity or a brand.

Used by advertising agencies and marketing, advertising or by sports clubs and different companies : the extent of mascots are loved by all generations and offers a strong visual impact of communication.

TOP mascot offers a manufacturing and creating your customized mascot service from your artwork ( drawing, photography , layout, etc.)

Our experience in the field of event organization and animation mascot enables us to provide technical advice to design and bring to life your mascot .



1. First we receive your image and analyse your project.

Your project is unique! For the precise measurements and proportions of your mascot costume we need to know what your mascot looks like, so send us any drawings, logos, or photos you have. Ideally, it helps to have an images of your character from the front, back, and profile.

Tip: if you don't have any drawings or photos of your mascot, you can use our catalogue as inspiration. We can take a mascot design from our catalogue and change it in any number of ways, color, size, clothes, etc. Anything is possible!

As we build your custom-made mascot costume, at every moment we take into consideration your requirements and budget constraints.

2. Technical solutions that fit your needs

We will recommend and help you choose the right design techniques and materials (stuffed mascot, thermoforming, integrated ventilation, etc) depending on the specific technical needs of your mascot and its uses.

3. Creation of a mascot prototype and the exchange of images

Your life-size mascot prototype will be hand-made by our master craftsman and tailors. This process generally takes one week.

We stay in regular contact with you and through photo and email exchanges we can adapt and adjust the prototype. By staying in constant communication we are able to adapt, improve and rethink your mascot so that it is perfectly adapted to your needs, and fully functional from day one!

4. Validation of the prototype

Once your prototype is validated, production will begin immediately, and your mascot will be an exact replica of the validated prototype!

5. Creating the final version of your mascot

This is the last step, we create your custom mascot and ship it to you!

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